Dead Drop: May 24

WALL OF HONOR: Every year around Memorial Day, the CIA holds its annual ceremony honoring officers who have died while serving their country. The names of those individuals are then enshrined on the Agency’s “Wall of Honor.” Four new stars were added to the wall this year, two of them were honoring individuals who worked for the Central Intelligence Group – the Agency’s predecessor.  Apparently, officials have reviewed the criteria for inclusion on the wall and determined that service – and death – for the CIG was worthy of inclusion. The Agency said in a press release that the names and contributions of the honorees “remains classified even after their deaths.” Our spies did tell us that among the attendees at this year’s ceremony were Senator Richard Burr (R, NC), chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and Congressman Adam Schiff, (D, CA) chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

UPDATE YOUR RANK: BTW, if you know anyone on Congressman Schiff’s staff you might tell them that his official online biography still refers to him as a “ranking member” of the HPSCI, a job he held until moving up to chairman after the 2018 elections. 

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