Dead Drop: June 21

DID WE MISS IT? The New York Post reported on June 14th that Kushal Kumar, an Indian astrologer who has been called the “New Nostratdamus,” was predicting that World War III would likely start four days hence.  The good news (unless we missed it) is that those days have passed. In fairness to Kumar…he didn’t guarantee World War III…he just said this past Tuesday, had “the strongest planetary stimulus to trigger WW3.”  If you have FOMA (Fear of Missing Armageddon) not to worry – Kumar covered his bets by adding that if global war didn’t break out on June 17th – then June 29th was another propitious possible date with doom.

TALL STORIES?  It is well known that former President Trump has long been concerned by reports of aliens invading the United States.  We thought he was talking about the immigrant kind without U.S. citizenship.  Now, we hear from Salon that Trump recently did an interview with podcaster Logan Paul where the subject of UFOs (or UAPs – meaning unidentified aerial phenomena –  as the Pentagon likes to call them these days) came up.  The former president was asked what he learned about UFOs while in office.  Trump told the podcaster: “I met with pilots, like beautiful Tom Cruise but taller. Handsome, perfect people,” he said. And these pilots said: “Sir, there was something there that was round in form and going, like, four times faster than my super jet fighter plane.” Trump said that personally, he didn’t particularly believe in UFO stories based on what he heard but said that perhaps “the deep state” was hiding stuff from him.

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