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How Secure are Radiological Materials?

You would think that radioactive isotopes, even those used for commercial purposes, would be tightly monitored and controlled. You would also be wrong. Radiological materials […] More

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ISIS and Dirty Bombs

In February, a radiological source went missing in Iraq. There was concern that ISIS might have gained control of the radioactive material and planned to create […] More

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Non-State Actors

The global strategic environment is growing progressively complicated by an expanding and dynamic network of actors with common motivations and increased access to the technology […] More

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Nation States

President Barack Obama spent much of his last State of the Union address dwelling on domestic issues, but he also pointedly reminded Americans that the […] More

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Homegrown Terrorists

With the recent rise in domestic homegrown terrorist attacks, the fear of a domestic WMD attack is also rising.  John Cohen, former Acting Under Secretary […] More

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Countering Bioterror

Advances in biotechnology have brought a wide range of benefits in health and medical research, food and agriculture, even manufacturing. At the same time, biotechnology […] More

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The Security Impact of Biotech

There is increasingly rapid progress in understanding how biological systems work. This gives us new tools to meaningfully manipulate those systems towards a given end. […] More

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Biotechnology’s Dark Side

Right now, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) at the Pentagon is trying to figure out how to create artificial life forms and living […] More