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Insider Threat Special Report: Whistleblowers

Distinguishing between whistleblowers who want to point out and fix problems within the intelligence community and employees who want to damage national security will demand […] More


Putin’s Perfect Gift

Noon on January 20th provides an excellent opportunity for Russian President Vladimir Putin to give President-Elect Donald Trump the perfect inauguration gift – Edward Snowden. […] More

Briefs & Analysis

NSA Leaks: How Could This Happen Again?

The filing of a criminal complaint by the U.S. government against a National Security Agency (NSA) contractor has once again raised the harrowing possibility that […] More


"Snowden" Snow Job

The Cipher Brief asked our network member Mark Kelton, the former CIA Deputy Director of the National Clandestine Service for Counterintelligence, for his impressions of […] More