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Politics in the Time of Corona

  Bottom Line Up Front The spread of the coronavirus will pose significant challenges to voting and elections in the United States in the lead […] More

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Libya’s Growing Criminal Enterprise

  Bottom Line Up Front Throughout Libya’s civil war, widespread allegations have surfaced that strongman Khalifa Haftar operates as a modern-day warlord, using his power […] More

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Iran Crisis Spills over to UK

  Bottom Line Up Front Iran’s recent responses to U.S. pressure, including to the UK-led seizure of a Syria-bound Iranian oil tanker, have brought the […] More

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Turkey’s Uncertain Path

  Bottom Line Up Front On May 5 the Turkish Foreign Minister said his country would accept delivery of Russian S-400 missiles. The prospect of […] More

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Shifting Geopolitical Tides in Syria

  With the so-called Islamic State losing its remaining territory, the focus has pivoted to geopolitical competition between the major powers involved in Syria. Assad […] More

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Iran’s Foreign Minister Resigns

  Bottom Line Up Front The announced resignation of Iran’s Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, reflects a growing domestic power struggle over the 2015 multilateral […] More