Lauren Buitta

Lauren Buitta

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Founder, Girl Security

Lauren is founder and CEO of Girl Security. Lauren began her career in national security in 2003 as a policy analyst and managing editor with the 25-year old Chicago-based national security think tank, the National Strategy Forum. During this time, Lauren conducted analysis on wide-ranging national and global security issues including domestic terrorism, transnational threats, and cybersecurity. Following her work with the National Strategy Forum and while completing her law degree, Lauren formed an independent consulting firm, Stele Consulting, which advised clients on urban security issues in Chicago. Lauren was inspired to start Girl Security in 2016 when she observed how girls are uniquely impacted by national security and the need for a more intentional model for girls’ and young women’s engagement in national security, beginning at the middle and high school levels. Lauren is author of articles, chapters, and reports on wide-ranging national security issues. She is a former Fellow with the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (2003), Truman National Security Project (2006), American Bar Association Standing Committee on Law and National Security Law Student Liaison (2012), and an Emerging Leader with Chicago Council on Global Affairs (2017).