Dead Drop: May 8

LAW & DISORDER:  Netflix has purchased eight episodes of a new TV series about a fledgling CIA lawyer who somehow gets tied up with a former Agency asset who threatens to expose her long-term relationship with Langley unless they get her out of some serious legal trouble. Noah Centineo is lined up to star.  The series doesn’t have a name yet – although says a working title may be: “Graymail.”  Adam Ciralsky is listed as an executive producer.  If that name sounds familiar – Ciralsky was a young CIA lawyer who was allegedly fired over security concerns and later accused the Agency of anti-Semitism.  His suit against the Agency was dropped and he later went into journalism.

SURPRISE: FACEBOOK IS NOT RUN BY THE CIA: A decade ago, The Onion created a satirical video that joked that Facebook was secretly run by the CIA. Since not everyone using the internet has a sense of humor, a TikTok user recently discovered the 2011 video, reposted it and asserted it as fact.  Two weeks later, nearly a million people have heard the bogus claim on TikTok, Facebook and Instagram.  USA Today’s fact checkers however assure us that the assertion that Facebook is a CIA front – is false.

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