Dead Drop: May 21

FINAL FILM FRONTIER:  Among the things we learned this week, is that there is a cinematic space race going on.  According to The Hill, the Russian space agency Roscosmos has announced that they are sending Russian actress Yulia Preselid and a filmmaker named Kilim Shipenko to the International Space Station (ISS) on October 5th to shoot scenes for a movie called “Challenge.” Not one to back away from a challenge, NASA which previously announced that it is working with actor Tom Cruise to film a separate movie on the ISS, is trying to get Cruise aloft in October too.  According to The Hill, Cruise is hoping to get a lift from Elon Musk to the ISS and start filming. Who will make movie magic first?  We don’t know – but someone should tell Cruise that we feel the need for speed.

UNEXPLAINED ENTERTAINMENT PHENOMENA: UFOs or UAPs or whatever you want to call them have been getting a lot of attention lately.  The mysterious objects got the full 60 Minutes treatment last week with former naval aviators saying that they spotted inexplicable airborne stuff on almost a daily basis.  The Pentagon and Office of the Director of National Intelligence are obliged to submit a public report by next month trying to answer some of the hovering questions about the mysterious subject. Former DNI (and Cipher Brief Expert) James Clapper told CNN he welcomes the new transparency but says you should expect the report to be “full of ambiguity.”   With all this new openness, will the government ever really share what it knows about UFOs? They may need help – and help is on the way.  Singer Demi Lovato is getting a four-part series on the Peacock network to “uncover the truth about UFO phenomena.” Lovato will not be alone in this quest and is bringing sister Dallas and best friend Matthew along – so, no doubt the mystery will be solved. We’re guessing that Lovato does not enter the project without some preconceived notions having been quoted in Salon saying one of her goals is to “make peace with the aliens, and ultimately save ourselves.”

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