Dead Drop: May 19

RT: PHONE HOME: Or at least send us a Telegram. The normally tight-lipped CIA emerged from behind the cloud of secrecy this week, to promote the release of a new Russian-language video posted on Telegram and other social media platforms, that provides instructions for unhappy Russians who want to contact the Agency securely.  The video doesn’t directly mention Vladimir Putin or the war in Ukraine – but seeks out Russians with valuable information who are unhappy with the status quo.  Agency officials told media outlets that Russians who have been unnerved by the recent bloodshed have already been reaching out, so why not make it easier to connect?  That was their reasoning for offering instructions on how to do it securely. Whether the new program has sparked any leads so far is unknown – but it has definitely launched a few jokes.  One person tweeted “Your call is very important to us. Please listen carefully because our menu has changed. Press 1 for the Coup Department Press 2 to report war crimes…”

LUNAR LANDING LUNACY:  Dmitry Rogozin, the former head honcho of Russia’s Roscosmos Space Agency isn’t necessarily buying those moon landing stories that his American counterparts have been putting out since 1969.  Rogozin posted on Telegram recently saying, “About ten years ago, when I worked in the Government, I sent an official request to Roscosmos to provide me with documentary evidence of the Americans’ stay on the moon, which at that time was still at the disposal of the federal agency.”  He says over the years, he tried to find proof that the lunar landing really happened. But Rogozin says the only confirmations he could come up with were in a book describing a Soviet Cosmonaut discussing the mission with American astronauts. Thin gruel in his view.  He asked, ‘how could the Americans do this in 1969 and not return to the moon over the ensuring half century?’  According to an item in, one of the other things that caused Rogozin to question the mission which seemed more legit was how Soviet spacemen looked after a short flight, compared to the American spacemen who had been to the moon. “I was painfully embarrassed by the fact that the Soviet cosmonauts returning from multi-day expeditions could barely stand on their feet and underwent a long recovery after such flights,” he said adding that, “the Americans crawled out of their lunar ships like cucumbers from the garden. ” This raises one important question in our minds: do Russia cucumbers crawl?

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