Dead Drop: May 10

WHO WANTS DoD JOB?  After months of speculation following the resignation of James Mattis, and many rumored proposals to potential replacements – we’re told all of whom politely declined – President Trump is planning to nominate Acting Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan for the job.  Shanahan will have to be confirmed to the post, but the fact that he wants the job at all has him leagues ahead of others.

NO GPS NEEDED FOR THIS MOVE: IARPA Director Stacey Dixon is making a move back to the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency,  becoming the Agency’s new Deputy Director.  Before serving as both Deputy Director and then Director, of IARPA, she was at NGA – first in the role of chief of congressional affairs, and then later as deputy director of the NGA Office of Corporate Communications, director of the NGA Information Integration Office and later the deputy director of NGA’s research and development directorate.  We guess she knows her way around the building.

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