Dead Drop: March 26

BACK STABBERS:  Former Navy civilian intelligence analyst Jonathan Pollard has spoken out for the first time since emigrating to Israel late last year after serving 30 years for selling U.S. secrets to that nation.  He told an Israeli newspaper that he peddled American secrets because America had “stabbed Israel in the back” by not willingly sharing the information with them that Pollard eventually sold them.

OATH BREAKERS: We have been following with interest, reports on current and former members of the military, government, and law enforcement who have been swept up in the arrests connected with the January 6th insurrection. Some might argue it is unfair to single out people just because of their past line of work.  But so far, statistics show that there is a greater percentage of people from some of those categories than occur in the general population. Latest example: Army Times reports that retired Green Beret, Sgt 1st Class Jeffrey McKellop, was denied bond by a judge this week after being charged with trying to spear a D.C. cop with a flagpole. In addition to being retired military, McKellop reportedly worked as a contractor for both the State Department and CIA. Of course, he – like the others charged – is innocent until proven guilty – but generally speaking, we had hoped for better from those who had pledged to support and defend the Constitution.

The Cipher Brief has become the most popular outlet for former intelligence officers; no media outlet is even a close second to The Cipher Brief in terms of the number of articles published by formers.” —Sept. 2018, Studies in Intelligence, Vol. 62

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