Dead Drop: March 22

PRESIDENTIAL PRAISE FOR CIA:  Well, not THAT president. AP reported that Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro (AKA the “Trump of the Tropics”) visited CIA headquarters on Monday.  It is very unusual for foreign heads of state to visit Langley, and even more unusual for their government to acknowledge such a visit. Turns out Bolsonaro’s son, Eduardo, is a congressman in Brazil and accompanied his father to Washington.  The younger Bolsonaro took to twitter to say: “Going now with the (president) and ministers to the CIA, one of the most respected intelligence agencies in the world.” He added: “It will be an excellent opportunity to discuss international topics in the region with experts and technicians of the highest level.” One Agency alumni was heard to observe that it was “passing strange” – when the President of Brazil (through his son) has nicer things to say about the CIA than the U.S. president.

BRACKET RACKET:  Every March, news organizations, advertisers, and “social influencers” try to hijack some of the public interest and excitement caused by the NCAA’s “March Madness.” Our award winner this year for cleverest adaptation of the basketball bracket theme goes to the folks at  By the time you read this – it may be too late to enter (the deadline for entry is 6 PM EDT Friday March 22) but still, check out their site. Instead of matching up college B-Ball teams, Muckrock is submitting identical Freedom of Information Act requests to government agencies and asking readers to predict which agencies will respond most quickly. Federal law says that agencies should respond to requests within twenty days – but don’t hold your breath.  This is the fourth edition of FOIA March Madness. Check out the bracket here – and make your prediction on things like – who will be more responsive…the American Battle Monument Commission or the Nuclear Regulatory Commission?  Who have you got in the first round matchup– the CIA vs. the Peace Corps?

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