Dead Drop: January 28

AIR D&D:  Looking for a country getaway?  Have we got a deal for you. According to The Guardianthe government of Lithuania is putting up for sale, a steel barn outside of their capital Vilnius, that at one time, was reportedly a CIA “black site.” The facility is said to have ten rooms – although most, we suspect, do not offer views of the Lithuania countryside. The country may be trying to recoup some of the court-ordered $113,000 they reportedly paid Abu Zubaydah to compensate him for his uncomfortable stay at the site nearly two decades ago. It is unclear how Zubaydah will be able to spend that money since he is a long-term guest at Guantanamo Bay.

POLES APART: Looking for something a bit less rustic than a black site? How about a red strip club?  While it is not yet known to be on sale – a Russian opposition group recently released photos and plans for what they say is Vladimir Putin’s secret billion-dollar mansion. The images released by Alexei Navalny’s  “Anti-Corruption Foundation” (and as reported in the New York Post) includes a “hookah” lounge complete with a stripper pole.

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