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A Virtual Briefing | Wednesday, February 16, 2022, 1:30-2:30pm EST

We are now living in a constant state of competition in the cyber domain, an age, where there are no more ‘secrets’. How should the government and business be thinking about cyber intelligence in this post-secrecy era? Mandiant EVP and Head of Intelligence Sandra Joyce joins us in The Cipher Brief Studio.

About the Expert

EVP, Global Intelligence and Advanced Practices, Mandiant

As EVP and Head of Global Intelligence at Mandiant, Sandra oversees intelligence collection, research, analysis and support services for threat intelligence customers and the Mandiant security product portfolio. Sandra has held positions in product management, business development and intelligence research over the course of over 23 years in both national security and commercial industry.

Sandra serves in the US Air Force Reserve and is a faculty member at the National Intelligence University.

She completed her MBA at MIT and holds a bachelor’s degree in German with four master’s degrees in cyber-policy, international affairs, science and technology intelligence, and military operational art and science. Sandra speaks English, Spanish and German and lives in Virginia.

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