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A Dire Situation in Mexico

Kidnappings in Mexico continue to increase, particularly in the states of Guerrero, Tamaulipas, Veracruz, Morelos, Puebla, Zacatecas, and Tabasco.  Although the Interior Ministry reported a […] More

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Violence in Mexico Surges

Mexico’s homicide rate is surging. Government and independent sources are reporting an up to 18 percent increase for 2016, compared to last year. This comes […] More

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Reform the Mexican Judicial System

The increase in violence over the last year has spread evenly across Mexico (as shown in Figure 1 below) which compares state-level intentional homicide rates […] More

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Crime in South Africa

South Africa has come a long way since 1994, when the country was on a knife’s edge, and it seemed civil war was imminent. With […] More

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Protecting Your Business

CSS Tactical (Pty) Ltd, a security company in Johannesburg, South Africa, takes a community policing approach to crime prevention.  CEO Ricky Croock discussed with The […] More

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Investing in Local Communities

Illovo Sugar Limited, Africa’s biggest sugar producer, exports raw and refined sugar globally.  After crime and conflict in South Africa over land ownership affected business […] More