Chris Johnson on the U.S.-China relationship

The U.S. relationship with China is arguably one of the most strategically important, as highlighted by the Trump administration calling China a “strategic competitor” in its new national security strategy. In this episode, Michael spends time with Chris Johnson, one of his most trusted former China analysts while the two worked at the CIA, to examine how China has evolved to challenge the U.S. on the global stage: its economic growth; its geopolitical influence; Chinese political power plays and the key factors that drive the U.S.-China relationship.

Israel's Biggest Challenges with Former Deputy Director of Mossad, Ram Ben Barak

15 Minutes is a weekly interview podcast with the biggest names in the global security space.   As Former Deputy General of Mossad, Israel’s national intelligence agency, Ram Ben Barak is right on the pulse when it comes to Israeli security. And on this episode of 15 Minutes, he spoke on current Israeli security concerns and its partnership with U.S. intelligence channels with The Cipher Brief’s Executive Editor, Kim Dozier.

Terry Roberts on cyber-crime: evolution, variant nature and countering the threat

Cybercrime is one the fastest-growing and most lucrative areas of crime. Former Deputy Director of U.S. Naval Intelligence Terry Roberts, is a global cyber intelligence expert with more than 30 years in the intelligence community.  This week she joins Intelligence Matters and talks to Michael about how nation-states, groups and individual actors leverage the global cyber domain, how it affects our economy and what we need to do to safeguard ourselves against an ever-evolving threat.

Muslim Community Reaction to Embassy Move with Farah Pandith

15 Minutes is a weekly interview podcast with the biggest names in the global security space. On December 6, President Trump formally recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, ordering the State Department to move the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. This move is seen by the international community as cementing Israeli soverignity over the holy city, and has drawn condemnation from leading figures around the world. On this episode of 15 Minutes, Cipher Brief executive editor Kim Dozier spoke with Farah Pandith to get some insight on the effects this move will have on Muslim communities in the region. Pandith was the first person to hold the position of Special Representative to Muslim Communities for the US State Department under Secretary Clinton, and had much to share.

Congressman Adam Schiff on Russian Probe

The House Intelligence Committee's top Democratic member, Congressman Adam Schiff talks to Michael about the investigation of Russia’s alleged interference in the 2016 presidential election.  He talks about the one thing Russian President Vladimir Putin fears most, why Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act is critical to protecting the homeland and why intelligence is not a perfect science.

Tackling the UK's Cyber Risks with Robert Hannigan

15 Minutes is a weekly interview podcast with the biggest names in the global security space.   The White House recently released a charter providing transparency into the Vulnerabilities Equities Process, known as the VEP. Around the conversation of how the U.S. government handles software vulnerabilities, The Cipher Brief asks, how are our allies handling the same issues?   On this episode of 15 Minutes, Cyber & Technology Analyst Levi Maxey speaks with Robert Hannigan, the former director of GCHQ, the United Kingdom’s counterpart of the NSA. Hannigan provided some insight on the practices applied in the U.K., and how it differs from the U.S.

Best of Special Featuring John Nixon

15 Minutes is a weekly interview podcast with the biggest names in the global security space.   This week, The Cipher Brief brings you a special best of episode of one of our most fascinating guests, John Nixon, the first CIA analyst to question Saddam Hussein. As we come upon the 11-year anniversary of Saddam’s death, we hear from Nixon about his time with the Iraqi leader, Nixon’s interrogation tactics, what he uncovered about the weapons of mass destruction, and his views on Saddam’s trial and execution.

Philip Gordon on the brewing crisis in the Middle East

Leading international relations expert Philip Gordon, helps decipher the complexities in the Middle East: the actions and motives of major players and why the big national security challenges and risks that we face as Americans all emanate one way or another from the region.  

Peter Singer on What We Need to Know in the Cyber World

15 Minutes is a weekly interview podcast with the biggest names in the global security space.   Drone warfare, Russian cyber hacking, new advances in genomics: PW Singer not only researches and covers it all, but can tell you what’s going to happen next.   On the latest episode of 15 Minutes, The Cipher Brief’s Executive Editor Kim Dozier interviews the strategist and senior fellow at his offices in New America, where they discussed his work, who is winning the cyber war between the U.S. and Russia (hint: not the U.S.), and what the future might bring.

Spy vs. Spy: Mark Kelton on Cold War intrigue and treason

Former CIA Counterintelligence Chief Mark Kelton talks to Michael Morell about his years working in Cold War outposts, how the U.S.-Russia adversarial relationship has evolved and what double agents Aldrich Ames and Robert Hanssen have in common with Edward Snowden.