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Karyn Eliot
Former Senior Executive CIA

Karyn Eliot is a retired CIA senior executive with extensive experience in US national security science and technology programs, intelligence operations, acquisitions, policy, and strategic industry partnerships. She established Amplio Partners, LLC to continue supporting government and commercial partner engagement across the national security community. Having a global perspective resulting from over 20 years of leading international collaboration, she also liaised with Fortune 50 C-suite executives to enhance business acumen at CIA. Assignments span the Agency and include Director of Industry Partnerships and Foreign Partner Mission Manager in the Directorate of Science and Technology, Technology Lead in the Director of CIA’s Operations Group, Senior Technical Representative in the Directorate of Operations, and Deputy Director for Policy at the NRO. Field tours were Deputy Chief of Station for Technology in the European region, Deputy Chief of Station for Technology and Community in the DC region, and National Reconnaissance Office Senior Field Representative in the Pacific Rim. Awards include the CIA Distinguished Career Intelligence Medal and the National Intelligence Exceptional Achievement Medal.