Col. Candice Frost

Col. Candice Frost

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Director of Foreign Intelligence, Army G-2

Colonel Candice E. Frost is the Director of Foreign Intelligence for the Army G-2 within the Headquarters, Department of the Army where she provides current and estimative intelligence to the Secretariat and the Army Staff and projects the Future Strategic Environment to the Secretary of the Army, Chief of Staff of the Army, Vice Chief of Staff of the Army, Army G-2, and Army Acquisition Executive.

Colonel Frost received her commission from the United States Military Academy at West Point branching into Military Intelligence. She served at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels in both analysis and command. Most recently, after her Battalion Command, she completed a War College Fellowship at the Central Intelligence Agency. Colonel Frost’s deployment experience includes Operation Enduring Freedom, Afghanistan (2011), Operation Enduring Freedom, Afghanistan (2005), and Stabilization Force XI, Bosnia (2002).

Colonel Frost assumes command of the Joint Intelligence Operation Center for Cyber Command in 2021. She lives in Washington D.C.

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