April 21, 2017
A zero-day, meaning a tool used to exploit a newly discovered computer vulnerability, alone does not make an attack. It is but one element of many in an attack, chain and there's much more we can do to increase the odds attacks are defeated.
April 12, 2017
Wikileaks’ “Vault7” disclosure last month of apparent CIA hacking tools marked the third recent incident in which an inadvertent public release of alleged government hacking techniques has sent the private sector scrambling to protect users.
April 12, 2017
With the seemingly constant barrage of leaks revealing the U.S.
April 12, 2017
Few topics lend themselves to more polemics than government collection and exploitation of zero-day vulnerabilities, or security flaws in commercial software and hardware not yet disclosed to the vendors, to facilitate intelligence gathering efforts.
April 16, 2017
Zero-day vulnerabilities -- security flaws in commercial software or hardware for which developers haven’t devised a patch -- have existed since the dawn of the Digital Age, but today, former NSA and CIA director Michael Hayden said at a meeting of cyber security experts convened by The Cipher Br