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Trump, Modi Vow to Fight Scourge of Terrorism

At first glance, the similarities between President Donald Trump and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi point to a foundation for a strong relationship. Both wish […] More

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Al Qaeda Quietly Expands in South Asia

While al Qaeda’s affiliates in North Africa, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen continue to grab headlines, the terrorist network has surreptitiously expanded eastward, entrenching itself throughout […] More

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Modi: Modernizing India

In an announcement that caught many by surprise, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the government would discontinue its two largest currency denominations in an […] More

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Kashmir in Crisis—Again

In the latest cross border clash between Pakistan and India, an elderly woman and Indian soldier were killed and two others were injured, according to […] More

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Little Appetite for Compromise

As India and Pakistan near the 70th year of their separation, contention over Kashmir shows no signs of abating. Border clashes between India and Pakistan […] More

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The Rise of Hypersonic Weapons

A hypersonic missile launched from mainland China could strike a U.S. carrier group located anywhere in the South China Sea in under 20 minutes. That’s […] More