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Disinformation 101

As protesters filled the streets of Hong Kong calling for democratic rights, agents of influence were operating behind the scenes to affect the way the […] More

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The Real Threat Posed by EMPs

The national security threat posed by an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) is not the kind of thing you hear talked about often in Washington’s national security […] More

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Stopping Violent Extremism

This weekend’s back to back shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio highlight, in the deadliest way, growing concerns that the U.S. is fighting […] More

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How Iran Targets U.S. Businesses

U.S. businesses are being warned to harden their defenses in anticipation of potential cyberattacks as tensions between the U.S. and Iran continue to escalate.  President […] More

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The Politics at Play in Iran

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says his country “will not wage war against any nation”, as tensions continue to escalate between the U.S. and Tehran. U.S. […] More

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The Hypersonic Arms Race

U.S. Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan recently warned that the U.S. “is not moving fast enough to stay ahead” of its rivals in space, specifically […] More

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A Day to Remember

Memorial Day began as a way to remember those who died while in military service to their country.  Here at The Cipher Brief, we wanted […] More

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Who Should Give the Kill Command?

The Department of Defense is seeking a significant budget increase for further development of lethal autonomous weapons programs (LAWS).  While technology and the use of weapons […] More