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Why Fragile States Matter

After the stunning collapse of the Iranian regime in 1979, country risk analysts everywhere became desirous of some method to better calculate the risk of […] More


Dystopian Progress in China

I just returned from my first visit to China—13 days of a typical tourist itinerary: Shanghai, Wuhan, Yangtze River, Chongqing, Xian, and Beijing. But even […] More


Best Of: Essential Knowledge

For this year’s Labor Day coverage, The Cipher Brief revisits Carmen Medina’s discussion of “Essential Knowledge.” Medina’s discussion of internet trends is crucial knowledge for […] More


The Human Dimension

National security experts commit many sins. They write about concepts such as multipolarity and balance of power as if they are real things and treat […] More


A Matter of Time

I remember reading many years ago a critic describe the passage of time as one of the cheapest of dramatic devices—an easy way to advance […] More

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The Collapse of Global Oil Prices

The accurate forecast of Winter Storm Jonas along the U.S. East Coast showcased the ability of meteorologists to anticipate how several powerful and independent dynamics […] More