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Bradley Fernandez
Former Member, CIA's National Clandestine Service

Bradley Fernandez is the Director of BP Group Intelligence which informs executive decision-making across a wide range of commercial and international security objectives through delivery of strategic intelligence. Part of BP’s global Intelligence, Security & Crisis Management function, Group Intelligence actively collects and assesses intelligence to anticipate threat, identify risk, find opportunity and maximize value for the company.

Bradley’s success in BP is found in the creative adoption and application of traditional intelligence methods to real-world business challenges, and in building decision-maker capacity for effectively framing intelligence requirements and actioning intelligence findings. Bradley joined BP in 2012 to create and build the company’s Business Intelligence program: a unique collection capability that provides requirements-driven intelligence, often through discreet HUMINT.

Prior to joining BP, Bradley served in CIA’s National Clandestine Service as an Operations Officer, principally in the Middle East.