Dead Drop: May, 2024

Dead Drop: May 17

BLOODY RIGHT: U.S. National Cyber Security Director Harry Coker traveled to the United Kingdom to tell a conference that Chinese military hackers have been circumventing U.S. cybersecurity defenses […] More

Dead Drop: May 10

SHAMELESS (Self-promotion) A look behind-the-scenes at what’s happening at The Cipher Brief: “The Cipher Brief has become the most popular outlet for former intelligence officers; […] More

Dead Drop: May 3

“WILL NO ONE RID ME OF THIS TROUBLESOME PRIEST?”  The Wall Street Journal reported on April 27th that U.S. intelligence agencies have concluded that it is unlikely that Vladimir […] More

Dead Drop: April 26

WHO’S ON DECK?  In a Dead Drop a few weeks ago, we promised you that just as we have done for the last two presidential election […] More

Dead Drop: April 19

PAYBACKS ARE HELL: Much has been made about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s penchant for making individuals who have defected from Russia or otherwise offended his regime, […] More

Dead Drop: April 12

AN INTELLIGENCE FAILURE FOR THE BOOKS: Israel’s Unit 8200 has been described as akin to the U.S. National Security Agency and Britain’s GCHQ. The name of […] More

Dead Drop: April 5

WOULD HE LIE?  Rest easy NATO, Reuters says Russian president Vladimir Putin promises that he “has no designs on any NATO country and will not attack Poland, the […] More

Dead Drop: March 29

HOW SUN TZU OF YOU:  Chinese military strategist and philosopher Sun Tzu once said, “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without […] More

Dead Drop: March 22

APPARENTLY, THEY WERE OUT OF TOAD VENOM:  Vitaly Robertus, the vice president of the Russian oil company, Lukoil, was found hanged in his office last […] More

Dead Drop: March 15

TALK OF RUSSIA USING NUKES IS MUSHROOMING: This week, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in an interview on state TV that he is ready to use nuclear weapons […] More

Dead Drop: March 8

NOW, THEY TELL US: Remember right before the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine (to distinguish it from the 2014 Russian invasion of Ukraine) when Kremlin officials were […] More

Dead Drop: March 1

PILOT ERROR: ‘Some people claim there’s a woman to blame, but I know … it’s my own damn fault’ (to paraphrase Jimmy Buffet.) Last week, The […] More

Dead Drop: February 23

VLAD THE AVENGER:  We didn’t need the death of Alexei Navalny from “sudden death syndrome” (the Russians really called it that) that those who cross Vladimir […] More

Dead Drop: February 16

TUCKERED OUT: We admit we did not have the energy to watch all of Tucker Carlson’s interview with Vladimir Putin. OK, we didn’t have the vigor […] More

Dead Drop: February 9

BIRD’S EYE SPY: A major question of international espionage was resolved peacefully recently when, after an exhaustive investigation, authorities in India released a suspect who was being held […] More

Dead Drop: February 2

THEY’RE BACK: Well, at least every once in a while.  We noted in our January 5th Dead Drop that CIA seems to have soured on the social media platform […] More

Dead Drop: January 26

HEADS I WIN, TAILS YOU LOSE: Former U.S. weapons inspector (and convicted felon) Scott Ritter continues his magical mystery tour of Russia. This week, Ritter made his […] More

Dead Drop: January 19

MORE NEWS FROM THE UKRAINIAN UN-WELCOME WAGON: We have previously told you about reports of two young Ukrainian women who (according to some sources) on a […] More

Dead Drop: January 12

AUSTIN’S POWERS: A lot of ink has been spilled – and electrons expended, analyzing the circumstances surrounding Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s hospitalization at the start of the […] More