Investment and The Future of Artificial Intelligence



Artificial Intelligence in the New Age of National Security
a 6-part series

Part 5: Investment and the Future of Artificial Intelligence

This special series of virtual web briefings will tap leading, diverse experts from government, industry, academia and finance and investment to lay out a path forward for integrating Artificial Intelligence into the US National Security infrastructure. Our goal is to bring greater attention and expertise to the issue of artificial intelligence and how it will change the nature of intelligence moving forward.

During this 6-part series, we’ll hear from a number of experts from both the public and private sectors, as both are crucial when it comes to understanding artificial intelligence, developing it, identifying gaps that need to be filled, and integrating it into US national security, intelligence collection and analysis. Register for Part 5: Investment and the Future of AI

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About the Speaker:

Gilman Louie
Commissioner, National Security Commission on AI
Partner, Alsop Louie
Cipher Brief Expert

Gilman Louie is a Cipher Brief Expert, Commissioner of the National Security Commission on AI (NSCAI), the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of LookingGlass Cyber Solutions and a founding partner at Alsop Louie Partners. He is also the Chairman of the Federation of American Scientists and a director at the Markle Foundation. He founded and formerly led In-Q-Tel, a strategic venture fund created to help enhance national security by connecting the Central Intelligence Agency and U.S. Intelligence community with venture-backed entrepreneurial companies.


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