Combatting Terrorism on Planes, Trains and Automobiles

| Patricia Cogswell
Patricia Cogswell

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) released a 23-page report in October outlining proposed major changes for how it wants to screen passengers at airports. The changes include far greater reliance on biometric technology and intelligence analysis to move people through screening points more quickly.  

This comes after the Department of Homeland Security’s Inspector General reported in September that TSA failed to detect more than 70 percent of fake explosives, firearms and other prohibited items during snap testing earlier this year.  Yet the testing also showed that TSA is getting better at detection, improving greatly from an early test in 2015. 

TSA released a new strategic plan earlier this year that lays out just how the administration plans to utilize advanced intelligence tools and methodologies to identify and stop terror threats across all national modes of transportation.  Its capabilities to manage threat and facilitate the movement of people and goods during the holiday season are extraordinarily complex and dynamic.

Patricia Cogswell is the Deputy Administrator at the Transportation Security Administration.  She is a homeland security professional with vast experience at DHS, its predecessors and the White House.  The Cipher Brief’s Todd Rosenblum sat down with her to talk about how TSA plans to continue to counter threats to the homeland, especially during this time of increased travel.

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The Author is Patricia Cogswell

Patricia F.S. Cogswell is the Acting Deputy Administrator of the Transportation Security Administration. In addition to guiding the implementation of the Administrator’s strategic goals, she oversees the day-to-day operations of TSA. Cogswell provides leadership, direction and guidance to further the Administrator’s goals for the agency and assists in determining TSA policies, objectives and priorities. Prior to joining TSA, Cogswell served in several positions within the Department of... Read More

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