Adam Schiff’s Agenda

| Walter Pincus
Walter Pincus
Contributing Sr. National Security Columnist, The Cipher Brief

“We have seen Deutsche Bank within the last couple years sanctioned in the hundreds of millions by the State of New York for laundering money, and Deutsche Bank was apparently the only bank willing to do business with the Trump Organization,” Schiff said.

Deutsche Bank has said it will cooperate fully with requests from the public prosecutor’s office.

“Why is it that the president’s son [Donald Jr.] at various times has said that a disproportionate share of their assets come from Russia,” Schiff said, adding, “This may be a leverage the Russians have, and if it is, we need to find out about it. And if it’s not true, we need to be able to tell the American people that as well.”

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The Author is Walter Pincus

Walter Pincus is a contributing senior national security columnist for The Cipher Brief. He spent forty years at The Washington Post, writing on topics from nuclear weapons to politics.  In 2002, he and a team of Post reporters won the Pulitzer Prize for national reporting. He also won an Emmy in 1981 and the 2010 Arthur Ross Award from the American Academy for Diplomacy.

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