Smarter Border Security

| Mike Fisher
Michael Fisher
Former Chief, U.S. Border Patrol

The Government remains shut down after President Donald Trump offered a plan over the weekend to provide temporary protection to some groups of immigrants if Democrats agree to fund the border wall.   Democrats refused the offer and are calling on the President to re-open the government.

This, as hundreds of thousands of federal workers are facing a second pay period without receiving a paycheck.  The political back and forth has taken the discussion clearly away from actual border strategy, so in an effort to get back to the issue, we reached out to Cipher Brief expert and former Chief, U.S. Border Patrol Mike Fisher to remember just what the threat is and what mitigation strategies have been effective in the past.

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The Author is Michael Fisher

Michael J. Fisher is the former Chief of the U.S. Border Patrol and a member of the Senior Executive Service.  He was responsible for planning, organizing, coordinating, and directing enforcement efforts designed to secure the Nation's borders.

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