What Really Happened at CIA Black Sites

Former CIA and FBI official Phil Mudd knows a lot of details you probably don’t about CIA black sites.  He knows, because he was associated with the enhanced interrogation program that took place post 9/11.  Now, Mudd has written a new book, Black Site: The CIA in the Post-9/11 World that examines how and why the CIA came to use “enhanced interrogation techniques” in the dark days after 9/11, what really happened at the detention facilities known as “black sites”.  He also shares perspective on  the process of interrogating the most hardened terrorists in the world.  Under/Cover Senior Editor Bill Harlow gets personal with Mudd about the issue of enhanced interrogation, what he wants people to know about it, and whether he thinks it should ever be brought back.

Editor’s note from Bill Harlow: I’ve known Phil Mudd for more than 20 years.  We worked together at CIA and share an affinity for the basketball team of our mutual alma mater, Villanova University.  I have personally co-authored a couple of books that also look at the subject matter addressed in “Black Site”.  I welcome a fresh look at the subject from his unique perspective. 

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