WTOP’s JJ Green Gets Real About Journalism Today

| JJ Green
JJ Green

If you’ve done any reporting on national security issues in Washington DC, you probably already know JJ Green.  He’s been covering national security for the city’s most popular radio station, WTOP, for 15 years now.  As you can imagine, he’s seen a lot of changes in that time.

The Cipher Brief sat down with Green recently at the National Press Club in Washington to talk about how national security reporting works, how reporters and correspondents gain access to news and policy makers and how journalists today navigate the differences between reporting and ‘analysis’ which oftentimes, leads into opinion on headline stories.

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The Author is JJ Green

JJ Green is the National Security Correspondent at WTOP radio. He reports daily on international security, intelligence, foreign policy, terrorism and cyber developments and provides regular on-air analysis. He joined WTOP on March 11, 2004. In the years since then, he has traveled to dozens of countries investigating, reporting and analyzing the U.S. war against terrorism and has interviewed the leadership of all the key national security components of the U.S. government and many... Read More

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