Digging In on Iran’s Cyber Methods

| Levi Gundert
Levi Gundert
Vice President of Intelligence and Risk

There are a few more details coming out about last week’s cyber targeting of an Iranian-backed group by the U.S. military. Sources told CNN that the goal was to “disable and degrade” an Iranian-backed group that operates forces in Iraq and Syria by disabling their communications systems.

The latest details shed light on the cyber battlespace and how it’s being exercised at a higher than usual degree as the rhetoric between the U.S. and Iran continues to escalate. U.S. officials are warning businesses to increase their vigilance against intrusion and attacks by Iranian-backed threat actors.

The U.S. company Recorded Future released a report on Wednesday laying out some of the trend lines they’ve detected from Iranian-backed hacking groups over the past several years.

Not surprisingly, the company says some of the most recent targeted industries include; Engineering and Construction, Water and Electricity, Technology, Retail, Finance, Media, Healthcare and Defense.

The Cipher Brief asked Levi Gundert, VP of Intelligence Risk at Recorded Future, to provide some insight into what he’s seeing.

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The Author is Levi Gundert

As Vice President of Intelligence and Risk at Recorded Future, Levi Gundert leads the continuous effort to measurably decrease operational risk for customers. Previous industry roles include VP of Cyber Threat Intelligence at Fidelity Investments, Technical Leader at Cisco Talos, Principal Analyst at Team Cymru, and U.S. Secret Service Special Agent within the Los Angeles Electronic Crimes Task Force (ECTF).

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