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What’s Next for Iran?

The U.S. has decided to send additional troops to Saudi Arabia after an attack on an oil facility that seriously impacted the country’s oil production […] More


Iran’s Next Surprise

When he became Secretary of Defense in early 2001, Donald Rumsfeld publicly expressed his concern about the inevitability of surprise. He often reminded other officials […] More


Restoring Deterrence with Iran

Former Senior CIA Analyst Steven Ward provides important context for understanding how the U.S. can best deter Iran and achieve its goals while de-escalating rising […] More


Iran’s Dire Straits

In early July, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani threatened to prevent other countries from exporting oil if U.S. sanctions prevented Iran from selling its oil. Senior Islamic […] More


A Punch in the Nose for Iran

Now that President Donald Trump has demonstrated his willingness to get tough with a regional bad actor by using a cruise missile attack to punish […] More