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Round Two of the U.S. Presidential Debates

It was a U.S. presidential debate unlike we have ever experienced.  Personal attacks and accusations expressed by Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary […] More

Pakistan: Friend and Foe?

If you attend a Congressional hearing on the state of U.S.-Pakistan relations, you’ll probably hear one of the lawmakers refer to Pakistan as a “frenemy,” […] More

The Security Challenge of Terror

In the aftermath of a terrorist attack like the one in Brussels this week, we naturally focus on the loss of life and the people […] More

The Scourge of Terrorism

The tragic events in Brussels on Tuesday once again brought to the forefront the seemingly never ending battle to fight the scourge of terrorism.   As […] More

The Future of the Middle East

The chaos we’re seeing today throughout the Mideast continues to escalate and shows no signs of subsiding. The United States and the West seem unwilling […] More

The Battle for Ukraine

Russia, seemingly at will, ramps up the pressure in Ukraine. And it looks as if another uptick is underway. So far, the West has yet […] More

A New Era in US-Iranian Relations?

Iran’s every move will be closely scrutinized by the international community now that sanctions have been lifted over its nuclear program, providing Iran access to […] More

The Arab Spring Five Years Later

The Arab Spring was the beacon of hope that would free millions from the grip of autocratic rulers.   At first, it looked promising.  One by […] More