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Cyber and the Law

The past year has proven to be a contentious and disruptive time for the technology sector. The threat of home grown terrorism combined with the […] More

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The Rise of Hypersonic Weapons

A hypersonic missile launched from mainland China could strike a U.S. carrier group located anywhere in the South China Sea in under 20 minutes. That’s […] More

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Russia, China, and Cyber Espionage

In the wake of a series of hacks against government and private networks, it is clear that Russia and China are among the most active […] More

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The Clash over Social Media Data

The clash between the tech industry and the federal government over data access has become an enduring part of the national narrative about countering violent […] More

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The Problem with Proxies

When it comes to cyber attacks, one of the biggest problems is correctly determining who, exactly, is attacking you. This is called attribution, and it […] More

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A Tale of Two Bears: The DNC Hack

On Tuesday, it came to light that the Democratic National Convention’s (DNC) network had been breached by not one, but two different hacker groups that […] More

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City Life: Living Smarter, Not Harder

Nearly everyone has, at some point, had to deal with long, terrible commutes caused by traffic congestion at rush hour. Or maybe you have endured […] More


Review: Eye in the Sky

A group of terrorists leave their car to enter the home where they will plan their next attack, observed only by a hummingbird perched on […] More

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How Secure are Radiological Materials?

You would think that radioactive isotopes, even those used for commercial purposes, would be tightly monitored and controlled. You would also be wrong. Radiological materials […] More

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The Tech Must Flow

Although often hamstrung by bureaucratic inefficiency, the U.S. government has achieved considerable success in the field of scientific research. In fact, many indispensible products have […] More

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Managing the Mobile Phone Malware Threat

What do you use your phone for in a given day? Texting, checking the news, social media, banking, getting directions, playing games – most people […] More

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Vehicle Cybersecurity: Running in Place

Everyone knows that they need to protect their computers from hackers, but have you ever considered what would happen if someone hacked your car? Automakers […] More

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The Cloud: Nebulous, but Nimble

When it comes to Silicon Valley buzzwords, “the cloud” is one of the most ubiquitous and one of the most misunderstood. The cloud is essentially […] More