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a-mok (adverb) – to behave uncontrollable and disruptively. Synonym: go berserk In the midst of debate over whether President Donald Trump’s pick to replace Dan […] More

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The Tip of the Iceberg

The resignation of National Security Advisor Michael Flynn came only three weeks into a whirlwind beginning for the Trump Administration. The Cipher Brief’s Leone Lakhani […] More

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The End of the Beginning

A couple years ago, when the Middle East was in turmoil but considerably less complicated than today, I was at a small gathering of foreign […] More


On Worldwide Threats

The Islamic State (ISIS) is the “preeminent global” threat and remains determined to execute direct attacks against the U.S. homeland, the top U.S. intelligence official […] More

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Rethinking U.S. Strategy Toward China

Understanding China and its future ambitions is a fundamental first step in assessing the U.S.’ options on how to best engage China as an important strategic and economic partner.  We asked former Acting […] More

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The Russian Mindset

The Cipher Brief sat down with former Acting CIA Director John McLaughlin earlier in the year to discuss the Russian security threat.  McLaughlin assessed that […] More

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Moving Forward

When the so-called Arab Spring burst upon the Middle East five years ago, Henry Kissinger remarked that this was only “scene one of act one […] More