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Venezuela: Veering Off the Edge

In Venezuela, everything is running out.  Food, electricity, and basic necessities like toilet paper are scarce.  Foreign reserves have been depleted, and the government is […] More

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Tsai Ing-Wen’s Balancing Act

All eyes are on Tsai Ing-wen today as she takes office as Taiwan’s first female president, but Beijing in particular will be watching closely to […] More

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Duterte in the hot seat

Foul-mouthed strongman, Rodrigo Duterte, declared victory in the Philippines’s presidential election this week after one of his rivals, Grace Poe, conceded to his insurmountable lead.  […] More

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Tensions Simmer in the South China Sea

China sent a major signal to the U.S. last week, when it turned away the USS John C. Stennis aircraft carrier and accompanying vessels from […] More

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Censorship in China

If Xi Jinping is the father and China’s people are his children, then Xi’s parenting style is definitely based on discipline rather than trust.  The […] More

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Why Xi Jinping fears the Panama Papers

Despite the fact that relatives of eight of China’s most senior officials were implicated in the Panama Papers released last week, the Chinese public knows […] More