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Al Qaeda Takes Advantage in Syria

While the U.S. remains focused on defeating ISIS in Syria and Iraq, al Qaeda in Syria is accumulating strength at an alarming pace and may […] More

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Vying for Power in Iran

With one of the most complex systems of governance in the world, Iran finds itself at perhaps its most daunting political crossroads since the 1979 […] More

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Doubling Down Against the Jihadist Message

With the recent U.S. military raid in Yemen and the ongoing campaign in Mosul, the Trump Administration is so far continuing the United States’ longstanding […] More

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President Obama's Counterterrorism Legacy

In what many expect to be the final national security speech of his presidency, U.S. President Barack Obama reflected on U.S. counterterrorism achievements during his […] More

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The Powers and Pitfalls of Drone Warfare

The use of drone strikes to eliminate terrorists around the globe has become a defining pillar of the United States’ post-9/11 counterterrorism strategy. And although […] More

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Al Qaeda in Syria: The Split That Wasn't

Regardless of its name change and highly publicized “split” from al Qaeda this past summer, Jabhat Fateh-al Sham (JFS), formerly known as Jabhat al-Nusra, remains […] More

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Can Hamas Elections Shift the Status Quo?

With a new administration set to enter the White House early next year, there is hope for a renewal of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.  One […] More

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Objective: Mosul

With the Islamic State (ISIS) having lost more than 40 percent of its territory in Iraq since its height of control in January 2015, all […] More

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Combatting Haqqani Network is Key to Afghan Strategy

The Taliban is mounting an increasingly deadly insurgency across Afghanistan, including a breakthrough into Lashkar Gah, the capital of Afghanistan’s southern Helmand Province, earlier this […] More