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Countering ISIS' Message

ISIS has stood out among other terrorist organizations for, among other factors, its deftness at strategic communication. Using propaganda to increase followership is certainly not […] More

Stability in the East China Sea

China’s less discussed territorial dispute is one that has the greatest potential for the United States to be drawn into conflict. While China has been […] More

China’s Military Modernization

As President Barack Obama was meeting with leaders from the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) this week, U.S. satellite imagery confirmed China has […] More

Sports Security: Protecting Your Venue

While most eyes will be focused on the Panthers-Broncos matchup this Sunday, the most important plays will be called behind the scenes by federal and […] More

Evaluating China's New Silk Road

Chinese President Xi Jinping began 2016 with a tour through the Middle East, visiting Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Egypt in hopes of strengthening ties and […] More

Elections in Taiwan: A Turning Point?

Probably the only certain aspect of the China-Taiwan relationship is its uncertainty, which has never been more apparent than in the upcoming Taiwanese presidential and […] More

The China-India Relationship

The Himalayan mountain range separates the world’s two most populous states, India and China, whose rapidly expanding economies are instrumental in the ongoing shift of […] More

Travel Security in the Age of ISIS

The recent terror attacks in Paris and San Bernardino have left the global community shaken. What made these attacks particularly terrifying is that the terrorists […] More

Foreign Tech Access in China

Before Chinese President Xi Jinping made it to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for his meeting with President Obama this fall, his Boeing 747-400 had a layover […] More

Climate Change and Security

Less than a month after the deadly terrorist attacks in Paris, leaders from 150 nations have convened in the French capital to discuss ways to […] More